Why Allies and Advocates: How we began, where we’re going….

Often change seems insurmountable. How do we truly stop the tide of inequity and injustice? What do we do when our kids are experiencing it at school, on their sports teams, on the playground? When we see it and feel it at work, at the PTO meetings, in our local and national governments? There are no easy answers to these questions. But Allies and Advocates is how we’re starting to address these issues.

Structural racism, sexism, bigotry and ableism are everywhere. A country built on white patriarchal supremacy has built in supports: in education, in the workplace, in the judicial system, in pop culture. Our purpose and goal is to call out the big abuses and inequities while addressing them at the local level. Through educating our community, through changing town policies, school policies, local policing, we are working to make our community a model of how a small southern town can become a safe and enriching place for all.

While change is the goal, community is the vehicle, self is the focus. We can not truly liberate our communities without decolonizing our own minds. Our allyship is a verb. Our advocacy is a way of life, not a one time act. We will continue to learn, educate and do.

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